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Dental Implants Fully Explained

Over the years dentistry has made tremendous strides in improving how dentists treat people with missing teeth. Advancements in technology has given dentists the skill and ability to replace missing teeth with permanently affixed teeth that mimic their original teeth. The new technology, dental implants, gives patients a much better solution for teeth replacement than the classic removable dentures process. Dentures can take a long time for a patient to adjust to and can continually cause discomfort due to movement. Dentures can also cause the patient to have difficulty speaking because of the upper palette interfering with your tongue. Fort Worth Dental Implant Center provides the latest in technology and offers patients relief from the problems associated with classic dentures.

Fort Worth Dental Implant Center continues to invest in the latest dental technology so they are able to provide the best dental treatments and options for their patients to regain their natural smile.

A dental implant is basically a prosthetic device which consists of three separate components. These components consist of a titanium post, abutment and lab created ceramic tooth. Dental implants are used to support a crown, a bridge and also full dentures – upper and lower. The benefit of implants allows your prosthetic to remain permanently in your mouth and provides you with the look, feel and use of real natural teeth. Since the titanium posts bond to your existing jawbone, it helps increase the strength and mass of your jawbone providing added strength and stability.

Classic removable denture issues are no longer a worry. Dental implants secure full sets of dentures which allows you to eat, speak and socialize like you would with natural teeth. Dentures reduce your ability to chew certain foods whereas dental implants eliminate this problem altogether. You will gain confidence in your smile as your appearance is vastly improved with dental implants from Fort Worth Dental Center of Texas.

If you have missing teeth Fort Worth Dental can help you determine the best tooth replacement process needed for you. Schedule a FREE Consultation with our doctors today to see if the long term permanent solution of dental implants is right for you.a

Dental implants can be considered as manufactured prosthetic tooth roots made of titanium which are similar in design to screws. These titanium posts are placed into your jawbone at precise angles and locations to provide maximum support. Over time the posts will bond with your natural bone and become the sturdy foundation for supporting or or more lab created ceramic teeth also known as crowns.

The second part of an implant is called the abutment. The abutment is a connector which attaches to the  titanium post and a portion of it protrudes above the gum line so a crown can then be attached. The crown is the finished tooth product created in a laboratory and is designed to perfectly match your natural teeth as the final component of the dental implant.

Fort Worth Dental Implant Center has successfully provided dental implants to patients for more than 35 years. Dental implants are the strongest dental option available to replace lost teeth not to mention they look and feel like natural teeth and should last a lifetime. Dental implant surgery is a very safe and predictable procedure when accomplished by highly trained and experienced dental implant dentists.


When are Dental Implants an Option for You to Consider?

Are you missing teeth and feel the need to fill that void because you have to change how you chew? Are you embarrassed to smile in front of people or in group settings? Missing teeth can lead to jawbone deterioration which can transform the shape of your jaw as well as your smile and facial appearance. Classical dentistry provides replacements for missing teeth such as dentures, bridges and removable partial dentures, however, these solutions can come with several issues.
When dentists prepare you for a bridge it will involve modifications to your natural teeth to properly support the new bridge. Dentures and partial dentures are known to be unstable causing denture sores and also speech impediments. Keep in mind, since dentures aren’t affixed to your jawbone, that gap in your teeth can cause bone atrophy which is the shrinking and deterioration of your jawbone structure. Atrophy of your jawbone affects your jaw shape as well as its density and strength. These changes can cause adverse changes to your facial shape and cosmetically impact your overall appearance. After many years of dental technology advancements, dental implants can eliminate the problems associated with traditional dentistry procedures.

Want to know the Benefits of Dental Implant Surgery?

Dental implants offer many benefits, however you can only enjoy them if your implants are properly placed in their maximized optimal positions from the very beginning. Guided implant surgery and the use of titanium implant posts helps ensure accuracy and precision throughout your entire procedure. The use of the 3D panoramic digital imaging guide offers great benefits for your treatment. Dental Implant benefits include the following:


Minimal invasive treatment

Faster healing

Greatly reduced risk of implant post failure

Optimized support for your crown, bridge, or denture

Improved speech ability. If you have poorly fitting dentures, the dentures can move within your mouth causing you to mumble or even slur your words. Once your new dental implants are installed you can speak freely without the worry that your teeth might move like with dentures.

Improved comfort. Once your dental implants bond to your jawbone structure, they will become part of you and this will eliminate the discomfort from having removable dentures.

Easier ability to properly eat. Sliding dentures make chewing difficult and frustrating. Unlike dentures, your new dental implants will feel very much like your own natural teeth and they will allow you to eat many of your favorite foods free of pain.

Improved overall appearance. Dental implants will look and respond like your own natural teeth. Since implants are designed to fuse with your own jaw bone, they actually become a permanent part of your overall dental structure.

Greater preservation of your jawbone physical structure

Improves your self-esteem. Dental implants will give you back your natural smile and allow you to feel better about yourself.

Improved oral health. Dental implants don't require as much tooth extraction or tooth reduction, as a tooth-supported bridge does. Your original teeth are not required to be modified to support your dental implant, therefore more of your own teeth are left intact. This procedure also helps long-term oral health. Individual implants allow easier access for flossing between teeth, again, improving overall oral hygiene.

Long Term Durability. Due to the quality of materials used such at titanium, your new dental Implants are extremely strong and will last you for many years. If you take excellent hygiene care of your new dental implants they can last you a lifetime of enjoyment.

Overall Convenience. Removable dentures are much more inconvenient since they require daily removal and overnight soaking. With dental implants you no longer have the inconvenience of having to remove your dentures. Implants also eliminate the need for those messy and sometimes irritable adhesives to keep them in place.

Evaluate the Benefits of Dental Implants

  1. Improvement of your overall smile and appearance. Since dental implants give the appearance of your natural teeth and they fuse to your jawbone, they become a permanent fixture to your newly created smile.
  2. No more speech impediments. Loose fitting dentures can move and slip within your mouth causing you to have difficulty speaking clearly, mumbling or slurring. New dental implants will never move and cause any speech impediement issues whatsoever.
  3. New levels of comfort are achieved. Implants become part of your jawbone and are never going to provide the same level of discomfort you receive from removable dentures and partials.
  4. Eating foods becomes enjoyable again. Improperly fitted dentures make chewing difficult and sometimes impossible for people. Dental implants act just like your own natural teeth and allow you to eat with confidence and enjoy dining with others once again.
  5. Overall self-esteem improves dramatically. Not having to cover your mouth because you are ashamed or embarrassed is no longer a problem. New dental implants will make you feel better about yourself and give you the confidence to socialize with others.
  6. Oral health is greatly improved or enhanced. Tooth supported bridges require the dentist to alter and reduce your adjoining teeth which can eventually have a negative impact on your existing natural teeth.
    Dental implants allow more of your original natural teeth to remain intact without modification which improves your overall long term oral health. Implants also provide space between your teeth to allow for normal flossing and cleaning unlike a bridge and this helps promote better oral hygiene.
  7. Unmatched overall durability. Implants today are made of long lasting durable materials designed to provide many years of satisfaction. If properly cared for, implants can last you a lifetime of enjoyment.
  8. Gone are the days of maintenance inconvenience. Dentures are an inconvenience due to their requirement for removing and cleaning overnight. Also, dentures require sticky and messy adhesives which can have an unpleasant taste and annoying residue.

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