Mini Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implants at Fort Worth Dental Implant Center

We place every type of implant at Fort Worth Dental. These implants come in a variety of different diameters and sizes which include what are commonly referred to as mini dental implants. 

What Exactly Are Mini Dental Implants?

The FDA approved the medical use of mini dental implants in 1999. The use of mini dental implants are used as a less invasive solution to standard sized dental implants.

Mini implants typically have a diameter less than 3mm. They are usually made of one solid post and are also commonly referred to as Small Diameter Implants (SDI).

Regular dental implants usually range in size from approximately 3mm up to as wide as 9mm in diameter.

  • Standard dental implants also consist of three separate pieces versus the one piece for mini dental implants.
  • There are two distinct reasons SDI implants are considered for a patient. First of all, SDIs are used in combination with dentures that slip and don’t fit perfectly well.
  • They help patients with dentures who have trouble eating or speaking correctly. Secondly, bone loss may be of serious concern and the patient prefers to have the SDI immediately until their jawbone is rebuilt with growth and strengthening.
  • The jawbone may not have enough bone to insert and support a standard dental implant.

The Main Differences Between Standard Dental Implants and Mini Dental Implants

Obviously mini dental implants are smaller in diameter than regular dental implants. However, size is not the only difference. When situations arise and a patient has only a small space or very little bone to work with, mini dental implants provide the solution. These size implants eliminate the need for bone grafting to increase a person’s jawbone mass.

  • SDIs are made from a single small diameter metal piece with a round ball on the top end for fastening.
  • Mini dental implants can be used to fasten a bridge where there is less or thinner bone in the jaw.
  • Mini dental implants also usually cost less as well since they don't require as much surgery as regular dental implants. Also, mini dental implants don’t require as much healing time before the final steps to completion.
  • A mini dental implant may be a possible solution for you if you were previously told you weren’t a candidate for standard dental implants because of your jawbone density.
  • Contact Fort Worth Dental’s Implant Center to schedule a free consultation to see if mini dental implants or standard dental implants are a solution for you.

How Do We Determine The Right Size Dental Implant For You?

  • To determine the right solution for you, the best place to start is to set up an initial consultation.

Both types of implants, mini or regular, have different drawbacks to their use. The condition of your jawbone and mouth is a main factor in determining which solution is best.

Fort Worth Dental’s experienced implant dentists will evaluate your situation using the latest advancements in dental technology and determine which solution is right for you.

  • One of the best advantages of installing mini dental implants is that they can be used for when patients have lost a major amount of jaw bone structure typically required for standard dental implants.
  • There are many reasons your jaw bone can atrophy which makes mini implants the right choice.
  • Installing mini implants eliminates the requirement for major surgery. The use of mini dental implants speed up the procedure and require much less time for the healing process thereby costing much less than standard size dental implants.
  • SDIs are most commonly used to stabilize the lower denture, however, they can also be used to replace one or more missing teeth.
  • The use of mini dental implants can help current denture wearers significantly. Their simple one piece structure allows them to be fitted to your existing dentures allowing you better chewing and biting ability.
  • Also, SDIs will eliminate the need for adhesives giving the patient better smelling breath, firmer denture fitting as well as no slipping or discomfort yielding more permanent results.
  • Conventional dental implants have a larger surface area which enables them to provide a stronger chewing force than SDIs.
  • Also, since there are mini rubber o-rings on existing dentures, they will wear out over time and need replacing. The frequency with with you take out your dentures causes the o-rings to wear out.

So How To Decide - Standard Dental Implant or Mini Dental Implant?

Medical experts claim that anyone who is healthy enough for regular tooth extractions should be eligible for standard dental implants. However, some people may have other issues such as chronic illness, radiation treatments to their head or even heavy smoking. In these situations, mini dental implants may be the best solution choice. Bone needs stimulation to maintain its strength and much like muscles, if not stimulated your bone structure will atrophy over time.

  • The strengthening of your jawbone is one of the many reasons to select dental implants and also mini dental implants are highly useful for stabilizing dentures.

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